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Mr Watmore's Farm Yard Manure Bulk Bags
Mr Watmore's Farm Yard Manure Bullk Bag

Mr Watmore's Manure is a mix of well rotted horse, and cattle manures from local farms to make a more freeable product which is easy to dig in to your beds, it is full of goodness and has everything your vegetables and flowers require.Dark & rich and has been composted down for at least 3 years before it is ready for bagging.

Our manure is well rotted and dry to give a really workable product for your garden and improve your existing soil to make sure your plants are full of flowers and vegetables have all the goodness they need.

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Added Natural Fertiliser This product has been produced with our unique added natural fertiliser which has all the goodness your plants need Nitrogen for top growth Phosphates for root growth, Potash for flowering and fruiting & Trace elements for taste and colour.

Why by from us? We only add virgin soil to our blends.The soil is inspected, screened to a fine consistency and then mixed with sand, compost, manure, mushroom compost or peat depended on blend. and other products to bring it to a consistent quality that conforms to British Standards. Every part of this "recipe" is there for a reason! Nothing is there as a "filler". It's what is done to bring you a consistent, top quality growing medium. All our soil's are then stored in large sheds until they contain very little moisture to make sure you receive a high quality, friable growing medium!

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£54.00 Each
Price is including VAT and a one off £10.00 delivery applies. Coverage approx 25sqm to 25mm per bag.
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Delighted with the service. Used you twice recently and both experiences were positive. Need more top soil so will be calling again soon. Patrick Spiller from Manchester 
Hi and thank you. Absolute first class products and service , ordered late afternoon Monday delivery lunch time Tuesday call to let me know was the way ,nice touch if like me you need to move cars to allow delivery.Will certainly be using again,with £10 delivery charge it not worth driving round to garden centres. regards Chris from Tyldesley